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Know your policy – Part 1 – Vehicle Insurance

This month, I’m introducing our very own series.

Critics say it is a sleeper hit. Some say Netflix is concerned.

And now, with the series you’ve all been waiting for, I proudly introduce: Know Your Policy, and today is Episode 1: Know your Vehicle Insurance

As you know from my previous newsletters, my priority is to make sure that you aren’t left disappointed by the outcome of your next insurance claim. But I need your help to ensure that your policy reflects your insured assets correctly.


When you insure your vehicle with us, remember that in most cases we haven’t actually inspected or even seen your car at all, so please don’t assume that your policy has all of your car’s details and features listed correctly.

With that in mind, here are three things you need to know about your vehicle insurance policy so that you don’t have any bad experiences with your next claim.

1. Is your vehicle information on your policy correct?

Open your policy urgently and check:

- Is your car’s VIN and engine numbers correct?

- Is your car’s registration number correct?

- Is the correct person listed as the primary driver? Most insurance companies nowadays have an open driver policy which means that any person with a valid driver’s license can drive your vehicle. However, some insurance companies may have an additional excess payable if the driver was anyone other than the primary driver and his/her spouse.

If you pick up any mistakes on your policy, please urgently contact my office to make the necessary changes to your policy.

2. Are all of your accessories listed?

My team isn’t familiar with every option that is available for every car on the market. So, to avoid problems with your claim, you need to be as specific about your car’s accessories as possible.

Does your car include?

- A non-standard radio/cd player?

- ‘Mag’ style wheels and tyres?

- Aftermarket audio equipment such as amplifiers and subwoofers?

- A canopy, tow bar or roof racks?

- Window tints and/or smash & grab film?

- A bulbar or roll bar?

- A tracking unit?

All of these items need to be specified on your policy because any non-specified accessories will not be paid out in the event of a claim.

If you have any doubts or questions about whether an item/items must be specified as vehicle accessories, then please contact your vehicle’s closest dealership and enquire from them. For example, you may have purchased an older model BMW that has all the bells and whistles, but the vehicle didn’t come out standard with all that. The best way to find out is from the dealership.

3. Tracking and anti-theft measures

Are you supposed to have a tracking unit in your car? What does your policy say?

Insurers routinely require certain vehicles, particularly higher-value luxury vehicles or high-risk vehicles, to be fitted with a tracking device that is linked to an active monitoring service. Vehicles that require a tracking device will not have theft or hi-jack cover if the device was not installed and in working condition.

Insurance companies will normally supply you with a list of approved tracking devices. If you are not certain, then please contact us and we’ll clarify. The fitment of tracking devices is of such importance that one can’t take any chances.


Today, we’ve looked at all the reasons why it is critical that you understand what’s in your vehicle insurance policy and that it correctly reflects your vehicle’s details and accessories. We’ve asked you to make sure that all of your vehicle’s basic info is there, that all of your accessories are listed, and also that you understand whether or not your vehicle requires a tracking unit and all that that entails.

Remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that your policy is correct. Please don’t just assume that everything is as it should be because that is a recipe for potential disappointment later on down the road when you need to claim.

See you next month for the hotly anticipated next Episode 2: Building Cover and Household Contents.

Always in your corner,

Stephan Kruis


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