Know your policy – Part 1 – Vehicle Insurance

This month, I’m introducing our very own series.

Critics say it is a sleeper hit. Some say Netflix is concerned.

And now, with the series you’ve all been waiting for, I proudly introduce: Know Your Policy, and today is Episode 1: Know your Vehicle Insurance

As you know from my previous newsletters, my priority is to make sure that you aren’t left disappointed by the outcome of your next insurance claim. But I need your help to ensure that your policy reflects your insured assets correctly.


When you insure your vehicle with us, remember that in most cases we haven’t actually inspected or even seen your car at all, so please don’t assume that your policy has all of your car’s details and features listed correctly.

With that in mind, here are three things you need to know about your vehicle insurance policy so that you don’t have any bad experiences with your next claim.

1. Is your vehicle information on your policy correct?

Open your policy urgently and check: