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Distinctive Knowledge
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In 1982, as a humble sole proprietor, our founder believed that our clients deserve access to unbiased and educated financial advice, empowering them when making sound financial decisions for the future.

Since then, Optimum Group has grown exponentially into a multi-faceted group of companies.

We offer a convenient "one call" service when enquiring about your financial portfolio.


A gentle giant, respected in the animal kingdom. Majestic and triumphant. Together they are an unstoppable force with strong, focused and loving individuals supporting one another with one common goal. They are determined and resilient, they encourage and protect with family at the heart of their survival. Although gigantic, they are elegant and precise.

The 'alpha' elephant does not emerge from the strongest or most aggressive, but because of respect earned by other elephants...

We would like our reputation in the financial services industry to be earned through the respect of our clients.


Our client base is far-reaching and extensive, ranging from business owners and entrepreneurs to athletes, artists, and professionals.


Our expertise also provides employee-based benefit services and consultation services to corporate clients.


Optimum Group is a client-centric business. As a service delivery enterprise, our clients must know and experience that we are devoted to their financial well-being.

The continued development of well-educated employees gives us a sustainable advantage when succeeding in service delivery beyond client expectations.  

Central to our business model are honesty and integrity in every client interaction.

With your interests at heart, we deliver a world-class service.

We aim to exceed expectations, delivering not only a promise but also providing a guarantee.


Not having a plan for your financial future, can be likened to travelling the wilderness without a compass: Financial planning is in essence a roadmap to your financial independence.

Any person fortunate enough to benefit from the generational inheritance would undoubtedly know that a family legacy isn't possible without the commitment, hard work, and dedication of former generations.

A legacy can start with you.

Our 7-step plan enables our clients to create their legacy:

Image by Eugenia Ai


Consolidate essential needs. i.e. food, home clothes, transport.


Pay off all debt, starting with the most expensive and stick to the plan


Save up an emergency fund, enough for up to

6 months.


Add life and risk cover to provide for your family in case of death.


Don't delay your retirement plan. Start as soon as

you can. 


Build an investment portfolio. Always consider your risk tolerance.


Initiate a goal-oriented savings plan for children's education

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