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Retirement is waking up in the morning with nothing to do, and going to bed at night, only having done half of it.  At least, that is the dream.

What are employee benefits?

Employee benefits are rewards employees receive on top of their normal wages or regular salary. These benefits form part of an employee’s overall compensation package and may include benefits such as a contribution towards medical insurance, a retirement plan, or life insurance.

However, the salary replacement percentage for most South Africans is well below the internationally accepted level of 75% of their final working salaries. This implies that many employees are under-insured, under-pensioned, under-invested, and mostly left to their own financial acumen. As is the case for about 60% of currently working South Africans; leaving them with far less than 75% of their current salary in hand to survive. To prevent this, employers are now providing their employees with a proper foundation for retirement and insurance planning.

How we do it at Optimum

Optimum Financial Services provides an A-Z-service in this regard. We monitor all information regarding withdrawals, retirements, death and disability claims. We also oversee Section 14 transfers to and from other schemes; negotiate and converse with insurers regarding claims, quotations, and daily inquiries employees might have. Optimum’s team of experts can advise employees on a vast array of matters, including investments, structuring of tax-efficient funds, death, retirement and disability claims.

As a result, we can also offer groups special benefits regarding disability; dreaded disease; funeral cover; life cover; pension funds; provident funds; retirement annuities and tax concessions.