The average salary replacement percentage for most South Africans is well below the targeted level of 75%, which means that at retirement most people will have less than 75% of their final working salary to live on, and will have to rely on the government pension and family to survive. Studies show that an estimated 60% of South Africans are under-insured for life and disability benefits. Employer-sponsored benefits are often the only source of retirement savings and insurance cover that an individual has. In view of this, it is important that the correct base for retirement and insurance planning is put into place by the employer.

The services we offer entails the following: monthly updates of members data; monitor all information regarding withdrawals, retirements, death claims, disability claims; monitor Section 14 transfers to and from other schemes; negotiate rates with insurance companies; compare quotations from insurance companies; monitor annual benefit statements; perform an annual retirement planning for all members; handle daily inquiries from the insurer, employer and employees; give advice on withdrawal, death, retirement and disability claims; provide advice relating to investments; annual roadshows to members; employee structuring of Tax Efficient funds; and we monitor investment performance.

Benefits available to groups:

  • Disability

  • Dreaded disease

  • Funeral cover

  • Life cover

  • Pension funds

  • Provident funds

  • Retirement annuities

  • Tax concessions.

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