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How will you pay for a major breakdown on your vehicle?

Has your vehicle warranty expired?

Are you worried about how you are going to afford an unexpected breakdown?

With the non-stop increase in the cost of living and the financial pressures of Covid-19, lockdown and everything else going on right now, many of us are choosing to drive our cars for longer than ever before.

But driving an older car often means that your warranty is expired, leaving you to deal with the typically huge costs involved with unexpected mechanical breakdowns.

Well, I have some good news!

The insurance industry now offers affordable cover options to extend your warranty and help pay for the costs of mechanical breakdowns. Some options even cover wear and tear!

Interested? Contact us today for a quote!

How does it work?

Two insurers that we work with, currently offer warranty extension cover: Discovery Insure, and Global Motor Acceptances (GMA)


Discovery Insure offers the most comprehensive package of the two, but it is only available to existing Discovery Insure clients, i.e. people who already have their vehicles insured with it.

Discovery Insure requirements:

  • Your vehicle must have less than 250,000km on the odometer.

  • Your vehicle cannot be more than nine years old.

Cover type:

  • Comprehensive, including wear & tear (the only insurer to offer wear & tear!).

What about people who aren’t Discovery clients?

Non-Discovery clients as well as Discovery clients who want this kind of cover but whose vehicles fall outside of Discovery’s age and mileage criteria, can obtain cover from our alternative insurer - GMA.

Alternative insurer:

There are four packages on offer.

  • Package 1: R401 per month

  • Package 2: R335 per month

  • Package 3: R273 per month

  • Package 4: R258 per month

Packages 1 - 3 are for vehicles less than eight years old and with less than 160,000km on the odometer. Each package offers slightly different levels of cover.

Package 4 covers vehicles that fall out of that range. It’s the most affordable premium but it also offers the least amount of warranty cover.

Things to know about warranty cover:

  • Don’t wait. The sooner you take out warranty insurance, the lower the monthly premium.

  • Your vehicle must have a Full Service History (FSH) with services that have been carried out according to manufacturer guidelines.

  • Insurers won’t pay out where it is proven that the breakdown in the part/s was caused by your/the driver’s negligence. For example, driving the car for too long with insufficient water or oil in it.

  • Expect to have a waiting period of about three months between activating one of these policies, and being allowed to submit your first claim.

  • Any repairs must be carried out by a Retail Motor Industry (RMI) workshop. In other words, you can’t take it to your friend/relative who’s a mechanic, to be fixed.

  • For most claims, you’ll likely still need to pay something in - like an excess payment.

If you want peace of mind that your car is covered for breakdowns and that you won’t be stuck with a huge bill when it happens, please talk to me and I’ll offer you the best deal for your vehicle/s.

Contact me right now for a quote. I’m waiting for your email or call.

Always protecting your pocket,

Stephan Kruis

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