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Public warning of a resurging vehicle recall scam

Under no circumstances should you ever hand over your vehicle for a “Recall”, without independently checking with the manufacturer. Bentley South Africa wishes to bring to your attention the continued industry wide motor theft scam, involving major manufacturers.

Organised crime syndicates are targeting owners of high value cars of all premier brands and are approaching such owners by fake email notification(s), text messages and telephone calls by unknown person(s) pretending to act on behalf of Bentley South Africa! Such a notification may closely imitate Bentley’s Corporate Identity and will purport to be a notification from Bentley South Africa, informing the owner that his/her Bentley will be collected by a representative of Bentley South Africa for critically urgent safety recall work or special service work to be carried out at one of the Bentley dealerships. Please be vigilant. Any such attempt to collect your vehicle from you will be an attempt to defraud you into handing over your keys and service book to these criminals! If you receive such a notification, or are contacted in any manner, immediately contact your vehicle dealership directly to verify whether the recall or repair request is legitimate, by contacting and speaking to someone at your dealership that you know or usually deal with.

How to avoid becoming a victim of this scam:

  1. Your vehicle’s manufacturer will send you formal communication that describes the recall in detail and the processes to follow.

  2. It is very unlikely that the manufacturer will send a tow truck to collect your vehicle – in most cases they will expect you to bring your vehicle to them.

  3. Remember to be vigilant and maintain a healthy sense of skepticism when talking to strangers. If the stranger claims to be a representative of a car dealership, contact the dealership immediately to verify that they are an employee.

  4. Always contact your vehicle’s local dealership to clarify the recall. Report any suspicious calls to the authorities, the manufacturer and/or the dealership.

Remain ALERT & stay vigilant!

Source: The South African Insurance Crime Bureau

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