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Optimum Payroll Services

Optimum Payroll offers complete payroll services with full year-end functions as required by SARS.

Optimum Payroll (Pty) Ltd had a strategic restructuring during 2019. We brought new expertise and also upgraded our systems to accommodate many more payrolls. We are geared to take on any company size.

Payrolls usually seems to be simple until you look under the skin. There are numerous requirements and submissions that your company needs to comply with to avoid penalties from SARS and the Department of Labour. In compliance with the South African legislation, companies employing people have to make monthly, bi-annual and annual submissions. For example; PAYE (pay-as-you-earn tax), UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund) and SDL (Skills Development Levy).

Many employers choose to ignore the responsibility due to perceptions of the cost of complying and the cost and effort to supply employees with a responsible and professional solution. You will be amazed at the tax-deductible cost of taking the headache away in relation to your turnover and for the same price the professional image that emanate towards anyone who are employed, or wants to be employed by your company.

The fact that we are part of a bigger financial services group will also help our clients to make the most of the benefits available to their employees in terms of retirement and risk benefits and especially on the tax front. We are able to integrate all of that into one solution under one umbrella.

If you are unsure if you comply with the relevant legislation and to get a quote from us to make your life easier, please contact us as soon as possible.

May 2020 be a prosperous year for your company and the people you employ.

By Tertia Smit – Optimum Payroll

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