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If you are your family's provider, your life is your largest asset.

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Thorough medical care is imperative - and it's impossible not to value it.

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Start with an investment plan as soon as possible to maximise your growth.

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Your last will and testament is the foundation of your financial plan

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We provide superior advice and transparent guidance with tailor-made solutions to suit every need.

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Make the most of your available finances and reduce income tax with proper planning.

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We offer financial solutions to suit your budget and growth objectives without compromising quality.

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A company's most valuable asset is time. Optimum's payroll services saves you time and helps you grow your business.

The main purpose of financial planning is to create financial independence for our clients during all phases of their lives. Financially independent people pursue certain lifestyles, and it is the uniqueness of each person’s lifestyle which calls for a financial planner who can carefully consider your circumstances to provide you with the best plan for your independence.

By maintaining strict international competence, ethical and professional practice standards, our financial advisors are skilled to deliver integrated financial solutions, which will empower you to take control over your finances and enable you to reach your goal of financial independence.

Black Economic Empowerment

Optimum embraces the values of a non-racial South African society and strives to ensure that our overall business strategy is based on the philosophy of transformation, sustainability and progression.

We recently completed our BEE verification for 2017, and are proud to announce that with an overall score of 87.34 we are defined as a level two (2) contributor. This equates to a 125% Procurement Recognition Level.


Optimum’s vision is to become the leading Financial Services Provider in South Africa and internationally. We strive to provide the most suitable financial advice and products,with your best interests at heart.We will combine superior knowledge and the expertise of our professional consultants and advisors to give you the tailor-made product that will best suit you.

We believe that our clients are the most important component of our business, and we aim to serve them with honesty and integrity.We harness the professional skills of well-trained, motivated consultants and portfolio managers, with the ability to deliver beyond our promises.

We believe that our personnel are our most valuable asset and we equip them to exceed our clients’ highest expectations.
We are committed to serving you in a professional manner by finding out exactly what your needs are and adapting our products and services to meet those needs.Optimum will continue to develop its personnel and services which are our sustainable, competitive advantage.