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Kobus Herholdt

Kobus Herholdt

Healthcare Specialist

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Kobus Herholdt is a Healthcare Specialist & Financial Advisor at Optimum PFP (Pty) Ltd with 18 years of experience helping clients navigate the maze of Medical Aids.


By specialising in the Medical Aid environment, Kobus uses his expertise and experience to assist individual clients and employer groups with advice on finding the right plan and solution for their specified needs linked to their life cycle, whether young, halfway through life, or at retirement. 


Kobus and his team strive for client satisfaction by focusing on client service and relations. By constantly doing courses and refreshment training, he keeps up to date with the most recent legislation changes and medical aid plan/benefit changes to ensure that he can assist clients with any issue that might arise on their memberships.


As the saying goes, a healthy client is a happy client, and a happy client is a healthy client. Thus, Kobus's motto; is "Always try to keep your clients happy, even if the answer received is sometimes negative, don't stop to be helpful."

An Authorised Financial Services Provider | 8143

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