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Heike Pitzer

Heike Pitzer

Short Term Adviser

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I am short term adviser at Optimum Financial Services. I’ve been in the insurance industry for almost 7 years of which I have been blessed to be part of Optimum for just over 5 years.

I enjoy being part of Optimum because I know my clients become part of a family and although I can only assist my clients with their short term insurance, there is a team that can also assist them with all their other needs from medical aid to investing and planning for their future.

What I love most about what I do as a short term insurance adviser is the role I play in assisting my people to insure their most valued assets correctly so that in the event of the claim my clients at least have peace of mind knowing that life as they know it will be back to normal soon.  

In my free time you will definitely find me spending time with my friends and family. I enjoy working out and any adventurous outings, road trips and ticking off items from my bucket list.

An Authorised Financial Services Provider | 44659

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