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Daniel Blomerus

Daniel Blomerus

Head of Drones

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Daniel is a Drone Insurance specialist and a forerunner of drone insurance in South Africa.

He has been in the insurance industry for 17 years and started looking at drones and the insurance thereof in 2015. As Head of Drones for Optimum Financial Services Group they focus on building drone insurance and financial platforms for the South African market.

He is currently the leading broker for drone insurance in South Africa and has made it his mission to understand the South African Civil Aviation Authority Rules and Regulations set out for drone operators. He partnered with an insurer in writing a comprehensive drone insurance product to assist the commercial drone operator specifically with a holistic approach on their insurance needs. Daniel assists by identifying trends and compiling data to assess claims by ways of flight logs and data collected from the drone. By processing the data received from the drone he can explain the cause of accident and protect the pilot in control as well as the insurer against fraudulent claims.

Daniel has a passion for the Industry and what drones can do. If he is not working on Drone products he loves spending time with this Wife and two kids and working on restoring vintage motorcycles.

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