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Having life and risk cover intact will form a critical part of proper financial planning. It will bring the peace of mind that if something should happen to you, your family will be taken care of financially, because of the fact that you made provision.

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Choosing the right medical scheme and the most effective healthcare plan for your personal need and situation forms a very important part of your healthy financial plan, and the lack thereof may cause financial ruin.

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The Optimum Investment Group is an active investment manager that focuses on long-term strategies to secure and increase client investments. The most valuable advice when it comes to investments and investing would be to start immediately.

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Short Term Insurance and it’s products are regulated in terms of the Short Term Insurance Act and is available to make provision for typical risks associated with the protection of assets against burglary, damage, or disruption.

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Employer-sponsored benefits are often the only source of retirement savings and insurance cover that an individual has. In view of this, it is important that the correct base for retirement and insurance planning is put into place by the employer.

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Your last will and testament is seen as the foundation of your Financial Plan and ensures that your final wishes are respected and carried out accurately. Our Legal Adviser can draft and update your Will and Testament to warrant the correct handling of your Estate.

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We provide finance solutions to suit both your company's budget and growth objectives, without compromising your quality and productivity. We support the development and expansion of your business, irrespective of the scale of your operation, and will provide you with the operational and financial expertise required to ensure your operational efficiency.

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Tax Planning forms an integral part of holistic financial planning to ensure that all financial goals are aligned with tax efficiency. The rationale behind tax planning is to allow all the components of a holistic financial plan to interact more effectively by minimizing tax liability, through the best use of all available allowances, deductions, exclusions, exemptions, etc. to reduce income- and capital gains tax.

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The demand for payroll outsourcing services - especially for small to medium-sized companies - is increasing rapidly as companies realise that their most valuable asset is TIME. Outsourcing their payroll relieves companies of the burden of tedious, time consuming administrative and routine responsibilities.

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Less time spent on sorting out arguments and disagreements results in more time available to get the job done. The golden rule is: order in the workplace leads to productivity. The latter is an essential cog in the gears that turn any business’ wheels. Without productivity a company will literally come to a grinding halt.