The author Terry Pratchett wrote that no-one is truly dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away. This could literally have been a life-insurance tagline.


Belief in life-insurance waivers from person to person, but belief has little if anything to do with it. Life-insurance is a hard-nosed risk management measure, taken to ensure that one’s loved ones are adequately able to exist, once matters take a turn for the worse.


Over the years we’ve seen how important this relatively small decision turns out to be; families have been utterly destroyed, led to ruin, because of poor planning, while on the flip side there are those left behind who were well looked after, and where the insurance in actual fact, was the start of a legacy for generations to come.


Optimum possesses a team of professional advisors that advise you not only on individual life-insurance schemes and their benefits, but also on insurance for businesses, such as ‘buy and sell’s’, key individual insurance, estate planning, client-specific investments and risk profiles, tax planning for individuals, companies and trusts, pension funds, tailor-made solutions for income planning, and post-retirement building blocks, or whatever else one might require. Optimum has the specialist knowledge to perform according to your needs.

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