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Planning for one’s last days might not be a conversation topic for the dinner table, but it pales in comparison to a possibly violent family showdown about a poor deceased grandma’s diamond jewellery.

What are Fiduciary services?

Created back in 2017, Optimum Fiduciary Services (Pty) Ltd. was tasked with analysing, and subsequently managing every aspect of a healthy financial plan. This includes the drafting of a last will and testament.

Making one’s intentions clear regarding the inheritance of one’s estate is crucial. This not only prevents disputes, but also ensures that - in the case of legacies - the continued prosperity of one’s legatees is ensured.

How we do it at Optimum

Optimum Fiduciary Services (Pty) Ltd.’s group of attorneys are also specialised executors when it comes to the winding up of estates. We offer the following services:

Legal services; estate planning; legal auditing of trusts; administration of trusts; administration of estates; drafting of wills and trusts; amendments of wills and trusts, and drafting of buy and sell agreements.