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Paying for something that one hopes never to use, seems like a contradiction in terms, but so does having someone else pay for one’s own personal and financial loss.  Nonsensical or not, that is exactly what short-term insurance means.

By paying one’s premiums, one effectively shares the risk of loss to one’s insured property with other premium payers. In a fiscal way, it is probably as close to the ideal of ubuntu as one can get, where the collective basically pays to replace the loss of individuals.

What is short-term insurance?

Short-term insurance is the cover you take out to safeguard your material possessions for a certain period of time.

Although this type of policy is mandatory when either purchasing a property, a vehicle or any other asset financed by a bank or financial institution.

Why have short-term insurance?

Short-term insurance policies are important, especially as cover against hail, thunderstorms, floods, lightning, accidents, theft, or hi-jacking. Discovering that one’s car has been stolen from the mall’s parking lot; walking into an empty house or losing one’s cell phone is overwhelming enough. Imagine the feeling when you realise that you have no insurance in place, and you will need to replace everything you lost. It is Optimum’s wish that their clients never experience this feeling of disappointment and helplessness.

Whether it is ensuring a family home and vehicle, or a multinational enterprise, Optimum provides the advice needed to ensure that our clients remain in the same position they were, prior to the loss they have suffered.

How we do it at Optimum

Optimum offers its clients tailor-made insurance packages, specifically shaped towards each individual and/or business.

Optimum has secured agreements with more than 70 established insurance companies, enabling us to offer our clients a wide variety of insurance solutions. It includes sectors like agriculture, engineering tourism, aviation, marine, cyber security, liability insurance, and everything in-between.