The main purpose of financial planning is to create financial independence for our clients during all phases of their lives. Financial independence pursues a certain lifestyle, and it is the uniqueness of each person's lifestyle which calls for a financial planner to bring certain matters and circumstances into careful consideration.

By maintaining strict international competence, ethical and professional practice standards, our financial advisors are skilled to deliver integrated financial solutions, which will empower you to take control over your finances and thus enable you to reach the goal of financial independence.

In 1969, with the birth of his son Louwrens, Frans Smith started his marketing career on a part-time basis as an insurance broker. In 1972 Frans decided to enter the Insurance World on a permanent basis. In 1982 he concluded one of the first independent contracts in South Africa and started building a successful  practice. His son Louwrens Smith joined him in 1990 and together they took the business from a one-man show to where it is today.

In 2000 the brand name Optimum was born in a brainstorm discussion between the three founders and directors of the group Louwrens, Jannie Van Der Merwe and Jan Van Dyk. The meaning of the name Optimum, 'the Ultimate', bound and concluded the company's vision and mission, with service delivery as the main point of view.