To paraphrase George Bernard Shaw: health is wasted on the healthy.  Anyone suffering from a chronic disease, a sudden onset illness, or even a severe strain of man-flu, can confirm that when a grip on being healthy is lost, there is very little one wouldn’t sacrifice to regain it.  It is a priceless commodity that needs proper planning and foresight to manage and protect, just like your wealth and economic gain.  A proper healthcare plan does not only help guard against the ravages of disease and unforeseen cataclysms such as pandemics and accidents but can also save ones’ family from financial ruin.

The myth of a universal medical scheme has lead many astray over the decades; people looking to protect and safeguard their families are often faced with the dreaded reply that “it’s not covered by your scheme” which often signifies the start of severe financial strain.  Scheme options and prices seem endless, and without wanting to balance the wellbeing of one’s loved ones against the emptiness of one’s pockets, reality has definite limits.


The Optimum Health team has been through this jungle countless times. They will remain by your side, assisting you with traversing this treacherous terrain: clarifying scheme statements, explaining benefits, and offering their expert opinions on options from all the major medical schemes in South Africa.

The additional benefit to all this, is the powerhouse that is Optimum’s Administrative centre, which our clients have access to at all times.  Gone are struggles with indecipherable statements, queries, technical issues regarding changes to membership statuses, disputes with medical schemes and other nightmares; these are now all easily clarified and resolved by our experienced and dedicated team of experts.

The goal is simply this: client satisfaction. This can only be obtained when your family is secure, and that is what Optimum strives for.

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