A financial plan is only “healthy” if it provides the client with an efficient healthcare package. If we consider the increasing occurrence of lifestyle diseases, cancer, heart-related diseases, and previously unknown viruses, the importance of taking the client's health into account as a risk factor when creating their financial plan, becomes clear. Over and above these, the high cost of medical care in South Africa and the overloaded public medical infrastructures reiterates the value of thorough planning of any individual's healthcare package.

Choosing the right medical scheme and the most effective healthcare plan for your personal need and situation forms a very important part of your healthy financial plan, and the lack thereof may cause financial ruin.

Medical Aid operates in a similar way as a short term insurance policy. A client decides on a specific medical plan offered by the medical scheme of his choice; he registers as a member of the specific medical aid and makes a monthly contribution to the fund; similar to the monthly installments of an insurance policy. Whenever a member needs medical care, the expenses will be paid by the fund, using the accumulated funds of all the members.

Optimum's team of experts not only offer Healthcare Consulting to all our clients but also has access to a wide range of different Medical Aid plans from all the major Medical Schemes in South Africa - making sure that you and your family are well taken care of regarding all health-related matters.

Members will also have access to our administrative center, which offers support with: unresolved medical aid related queries; problems with account payments; clarification of benefits and administrative processes; clarification of annual changes to benefits and options; changes to membership status; disputes with medical aid schemes, administrators or service providers.

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