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One of Walt Disney’s famous sayings was: “I could never convince the financiers that Disneyland was feasible, because dreams offer too little collateral.”

Many an enterprise or dream has never been realised due to uninformed decisions, resulting in rash conclusions and unintentional failures.

What is asset finance?

Asset finance is a financing solution that provides our clients with access to business assets. It enables clients to confidently obtain the assets they need for growth in their business.

How we do it at Optimum

Optimum Finance exists to provide asset-based finance solutions to the individual as well as the larger enterprise or business.  We offer sale agreements and rental facilities to clients through our vast client and dealer network: anything from private and commercial vehicles to medical, earthmoving-and industrial equipment.

Optimum also offers specialist services regarding residential and commercial property needs, providing our clients with the best possible deal and tax-efficient structures, creating cost-effective, flexible solutions, aimed at meeting each client’s specific requirements.

Our team of highly motivated experts provides finance solutions suitable to any company’s budget and objective, without compromising quality or productivity, irrespective the scale of the operation.  Even when experiencing a cash flow problem or when equity is required, we can refinance assets, offering sell-and-leaseback of said assets.

Optimum adapts and conforms to each client’s specific requirements, ensuring efficient implementation in any of the available asset finance facilities.