The main purpose of financial planning is to create financial independence for our clients during all phases of their lives. Financial independence pursues a certain lifestyle, and it is the uniqueness of each person's lifestyle which calls for a financial planner to bring certain matters and circumstances into careful consideration.

By maintaining strict international competence, ethical and professional practice standards, our financial advisors are skilled to deliver integrated financial solutions, which will empower you to take control over your finances and thus enable you to reach the goal of financial independence.

We obtain all financial information on behalf of the client, after signing an authorisation letter. The financial information is used to facilitate the complete financial planning process. A thorough Financial Needs Analysis can be done and a proposal is compiled and presented to the client which emphasizes the client’s needs, shortfall, and recommendations.

A restructuring of the client’s portfolio can start after the proposal is agreed upon by the client. We strive to make this process seamless and with as little inconvenience to our clients as possible.

Our administration team handles all client-service related queries with regards to life insurance, medical aids, investments etc. All short term insurance claims and queries are also dealt with by our team on behalf of our clients. Our Service Level Agreement states
that we have a 24 hour turnaround time with regards to feedback to our clients.

We believe in embracing technology: 

  • To protect the interest of our clients all our calls are recorded

  • We make use of state of the art document scanning to ensure we have back-up copies of all correspondence and this also gives easy access to client’s files;

  • With the use of our frequently upgraded email, fax and SMS systems we ensure that we stay in constant communication with our clients