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What is Labour Relations?

Society in general – and more specifically, labour relations - has come a long way since the era of the pyramids. Back then disputes were easily sorted out. In fact, the only “tools” an employer needed to maintain law and order were a few whips, two or three sticks, and - for the ringleaders – a few hungry crocodiles.

However, seeing as such practices are frowned upon these days, it is essential to have some ground rules in place, allowing employers, employees - and to a certain extent, the government – as well as each group’s respective representatives, to bash out the rules and agreements that govern the relationships between parties. Without ground rules it is impossible to maintain law and order and achieve optimum productivity.

Why outsource Labour Relations?

In a nutshell: Less time spent on sorting out arguments and disagreements results in more time available to get the job done. The golden rule is: order in the workplace leads to productivity. The latter is an essential cog in the gears that turn any business’ wheels. Without productivity a company will literally come to a grinding halt.

How do we do it at Optimum?

By employing experts who are focussed, experienced and skilled in their field, Optimum is ideally placed to carry prospective and current clients’ labour relations burden. Optimum’s expertise not only allows our clients to focus on their priorities, it also ensures their peace of mind:

Our team can assist you with:

  • Representation of clients at the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) as well as various bargaining councils through the Employers Organisation of South Africa (FEOSA);

  • Assistance and guidance during a retrenchment process;

  • Managing of labour unrest and strike procedures;

  • Formulation and implementation of house rules, codes of conduct and related procedure documents, including contracts of employment;

  • Facilitation and chairing of disciplinary hearings;

  • Provision of training and workshops on labour relation issues;

  • All other related issues regarding labour relations;

  • Assistance with employee and union relations; and

  • Telephone consultation