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When the cornerstone of the Optimum Group of Companies was first laid in 1982, it was done in the solid belief that people deserved access to unbiased and well-informed financial advice, to better serve them in making sound financial decisions for the future.  That belief held true, and what started out as a humble one-man-practice, exponentially grew into a multi-faceted group of companies still building on that same foundation.

With client satisfaction first and foremost in our business model, we strive to put structures in place that safeguard our clients against the mishaps and rough edges that life has in store for all of us. By doing this, we ensure that our clients have peace of mind with regards to their wealth and financial independence.

At the Optimum Group of Companies, we aim to be the difference in our clients’ financial lives.  Every client has a plan which is individually tailored, and is served by a small team of advisors, consultants and assistants from within the group, which means that only one call is necessary for full and complete service delivery or any further financial enquiry.



To be central amongst a host of financial success stories, and to contribute the same towards future generations.


To build trust through lifelong personal relationships with our clients and treating every client uniquely by providing them with professional financial advice and solutions. We ensure peace of mind through financial wealth creation, protection and growth.


Our client base is far-reaching and extensive, ranging from business owners and entrepreneurs all the way to athletes, artists and other professionals. This diversity is a clear indication that our focus is on the individual, finding unique and customized solutions for every client who put their faith in us.   That being said, we are able to adapt, and as such also offer employee-based benefit services and consultation to corporate clientele.


Not having a plan for your financial future, can be likened to travelling the wilderness without a compass; it is in essence a roadmap to your financial independence.

Any person fortunate enough to benefit from ‘old money’, would undoubtedly know that a family legacy cannot exist without the hard work and dedication from previous generations, which means that a precedent has been set on the current generation to remain accountable in the same manner.

If a family legacy has not been passed down, there is absolutely no reason not to initiate the same, and bestow future peace of mind.

In both scenarios above, sound and well-researched advice would be beyond value. As such we have developed a 7-step plan, which will not only enable one to start a legacy from scratch, but also assist with the management of current legacies.

The plan has been split in two tiers; the first three steps represent everything that needs to be managed and secured before committing to the next four steps, which ultimately encompasses the legacy itself.

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