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Question 1

Does it make more sense to get life insurance from the institution providing the credit or to add the value of my debt to my current coverage?

Question 2

Who looks after my children’s assets if my wife and I were to pass away?

Question 3

Will insurers use exclusions to dispute a claim?

Question 4

Why is it important to have a last will and testament?

Question 5

Is it true that it is difficult to be paid out by a dread disease/disability coverage plan?

Question 6

How much risk coverage is enough?

Question 7

Are risk benefits unaffordable and are there ways to make it more affordable?

Question 8

Is my employer’s allowance adequate in terms of risk and retirement?

Question 9

I am young, healthy and single. Do I really need coverage?

Question 10

How are premium tariffs determined?

Question 11

What happens if I fall behind on my premium?

Question 12

What will my future investment yields be?